Updated may 23, 2022, 8:12 am


We are now closing and locking the gates at 5:00pm each day.  Everyone needs to be out by 5:00pm.  We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday (5-23-22), Wednesday (5-25-22), Thursday (5-26-22), and Friday (5-27-22) RAM will be OPEN our usual hours (8:00am-5:00pm).  Sign in at American & Import Auto Recyclers.  


TUESDAY (5-24-22) RAM will be hosting Girls' Ride Toosday WEATHER PERMITTING.  If the weather holds up the front MX track will close at 2pm and the whole park will close at 4PM for the event.  To sign up for Girls Ride Toosday membership please follow this link: https://www.girlsridetoosday.com/new-page-2 

You MUST be a GRT member to participate in the event, this is an open ladies ride night where the track will be prepped and starts at 4PM and ends at dark.  The gate fee will be $15/rider


***Please keep in mind we will be open however we are expecting RAIN on MONDAY and TUESDAY so please be expecting muddy conditions most likely through WEDNESDAY*** 


The Front MX track will NOT be prepped on Fridays

Saturday (5-28-22) through Monday (5-30-22) RAM will be open our usual hours.  We are offering Camping at $10/night.  The front MX track will be prepped and watered Saturday through Monday.  No riding after 5PM.


Don't forget to sign your waiver for 2022