Updated July 19, 2021, 08:36 am

MONDAY (07/19/21) through THURSDAY (07/22/21) RAM will be OPEN our usual hours. Check in at American & Import Auto Recyclers front office.


FRIDAY (07/23/21) RAM will be CLOSING at 12pm SHARP for prep for the CORCS 12hr RACE. The front MX track will be prepped and watered in the morning.

SATURDAY (07/24/21) through SUNDAY (07/25/21) RAM will be CLOSED to open practice for the CORCS 12-hr Team Race.


You can pre-register until Wednesday (07/21/21), the mail-in form is on their website you can access here.

You can sign up at the CORCS trailer on site Friday and Saturday.  More race information here.

FRIDAY (07/23/21) You MUST check in if you arrive on Friday with RAM at the blue ticket booth to camp for the Saturday event.  The gates open at 8am close at 10pm sharp.  There will be NO RIDING after 12pm, and only in the morning if you have PAID for practice that day. You will have to sign a RAM online waiver (if you haven't this year yet) AND a CORCS paper waiver if you arrive Friday.

SATURDAY (07/24/21) race parade lap is at 7am, the race starts at 8am sharp.

The gate fee is $15, you can pre-pay online here.  This DOES NOT INCLUDE practice on Friday, you can pre-pay for Friday practice online here.

Ask for a stamp card! Buy 10 get your 11th day pass FREE!

Don't forget to SIGN YOUR WAIVER FOR 2021