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Off-Road Moto

Off-road trails

Large open space space area with trails that weave in and out of a dry-creek bed with obstacles to play around on.

Honda family crf ram off-road park trails shaun's shots dirt bike colorado springs

Rock Obstacles

20+ rock obstacles with a choose-your-own-adventure layout. Trials bikes are welcome!

Honda KTM dirt bike ram off-road park colorado springs sandstone rocks enduro

Off-Road MX Track

1.5 mile long off-road track has bermed corners and higher speed, less-steep jumps compared to a traditional motocross track

KTM motocross mx dirt bike jump ram off-road park shaun's shots


$15 per rider on a weekday and $20 per rider on a weekend day.

Save time by pre-paying on our website

Sign your Waiver

All adults and minors on the property (whether riding or not) must have filled out a waiver online once per year. A parent/guardian will need to fill one out for minors. You can fill one out ahead of time on our website!

Get a map

All tracks on the property are directional and go clockwise. Please follow track direction signs and use track courtesy!

All trails/open areas are bi-directional so please pay attention and be safe!

Stay Safe


We highly recommend wearing moto boots, goggles, and knee protection

Parents please watch your kids and explain to them how to be safe when on the track with big bikes! (hold your line, do not stop on landings of jumps etc.)

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