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R/C Cars

The Track

Full dirt R/C car track with driver viewing area, pit lane, and work benches.

Race Series:

Fast-R-Lap RC

Border Wars

R/C RC car track dirt ram off-road park a-main speedway remote control colorado springs

Rock Crawling

The R/C rock garden is next to the track with large boulders and open viewing area for rock crawling with friends

r/c rc rock crawler ram off-road park remote control car


$10 for one R/C car and one driver

Save time and stay safe by pre-paying on our website

Sign your Waiver

All adults and minors on the property (whether driving or not) must have filled out a waiver online once per year. A parent/guardian will need to fill one out for minors. You can fill one out ahead of time on our website!

Get a map

Even though we have an area specifically for R/C cars, the whole property is open for exploration we just ask that you stay away from the full-sized tracks for safety!

Stay Safe

If exploring the property beyond the R/C area, please be cautious of other vehicles that may not see you. There may be full-sized rigs on the property with high horsepower and low visibility. Please watch your kids!

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